Gorgeous 2-Story Log Home with Open Plan Loft Bedroom

2 min

If money were no issue and there are lots of logs available in your locality, as long as there are no restrictions in building such a home, this gorgeous 2-story log cabin is the perfect place to live in. Most parts of this home are built with whole logs and huge slabs of wood, creating a strong and beautiful house that you will surely love.

Have a great time staying in this gorgeous home that comes with a lovely porch that doubles as open-area dining room. On top of the porch is a balcony where you can also relax while admiring the view.

Inside, the house is also provided with wood furniture that complement the space.

Beautiful House Design

This house is truly a beautiful place to live in, thanks to its gorgeous design that appeals to the eyes even when viewed from afar. Lovely inside and out, this house is straight off the pages of a country real estate magazine.

This log cabin is medium-sized but because of the logs and wood materials, this would cost at least Php2 million to build.