In choosing a house for your family, it is always ideal to build one that looks stylish, feels comfortable, and has enough rooms for everyone. That way, you can truly enjoy your home without having trouble finding space for various activities.

In this dream house design with lots of beautiful bedrooms and bathrooms, there is plenty of space for privacy that each member of the family can enjoy. Yet there are also plenty of common areas where you can all hang out.

The exteriors look so lovely with the cream-colored walls and stylish accents. Elegant interiors with stylish lights and a great floor plan are also strong features of this house.

Gorgeous Exteriors, Modern House Design

A home that you can truly be proud of, this house features gorgeous exteriors that look fantastic even from afar. This home would certainly be perfect in gated communities or inside a sprawling private lot with lots of lush gardens all around.

The porch is rather small compared with the size of this house but it remains a good place to hang out. Stone-inspired tiles, ornate stainless-steel railings, and lots of glass windows and walls are used in this modern home.

Stylish Interiors, Perfect Accents

The interiors have different wall colors, but everything about this house looks fantastic. The ceilings have a great design and come with elegant lights. Huge glass windows create the illusion of a much larger house that extends to the outdoors.

Perfect accents complement this house, creating a truly elegant home that you’ll love to live in.

Large Kitchen, Superb Bathrooms

This modern home deserves a huge modern kitchen that comes with a glass-and-metal hood, stainless-steel sink, and large sliding glass windows. There’s plenty of space for large kitchen appliances like a gas range and double-door fridge.

The bathrooms also look fantastic! A house this huge costs at least Php5 million to build but it is definitely worth every penny.

Photo: Chakkapan Design and Constructions