A Mediterranean style design that comes with 2 bedrooms and a beautiful porch with stylish posts, there really is so much to love about this home. The stylish exteriors make the house look nice even from afar; though the grey color scheme might seem a bit dull for some to pick.

Stairs to the side of the house lead directly to the porch which serves as the main entrance and welcoming spot for this lovely 2-bedroom house. You’ll surely love the stylish double doors made of wood at the main entrance. It comes with glass accents to the side, creating a beautiful look.

The grey color scheme is used from the front to the back. Even at the inside, the walls are also painted in grey.

Elegant Interiors, Great Floor Plan

Once you step inside, you get to admire this gorgeous home that has elegant interiors and lots of space for various activities. Just like most homes, the main entrance directly opens to the living room. A huge flat-screen TV graces the living room, set on a lovely table that you can also use for decorations or other media items.

A service area is located to one side while the rooms are placed towards the back of this modern home. All parts of the house have greyish white floor tiles and grey walls as well as greyish ceilings.

Modern Kitchen, Stylish Bathroom

Set in a separate room along with the dining area, the kitchen comes equipped with modern conveniences to make sure that cooking will be a breeze at your home. There’s a glass door provided for the kitchen but you can opt to not include this in your design.

Just like the rest of the house, the bathroom also looks stylish and comes with grey tones on the walls and ceiling. A low partition is used to separate the wet and dry areas.

This modern 2-bedroom home costs at least Php2 million to build.