A home that’s different in style from how regular homes look, this Nordic modern style house might be likened to a church sanctuary by some. Yet it looks great and actually has plenty of space for a porch that’s accessed from many parts of the house.

The main entrance is through a wide stairway with no railings. This leads directly to the huge sliding glass doors.

At first glance, you might think that the house looks small if you focus on the shape of the main entrance, but the house actually angles sideways, with a larger area set perpendicular to the door.

Unique Style

The unique Nordic style of this house is quickly noticeable even from the outside. The design is not typical but still looks fantastic.

A long porch is set perpendicular to the main door and is directly accessed from the bedrooms instead of the house entrance. This portion can even double as the entrance to the bedrooms, if needed.

Classy Interiors

The living room is large and features walls in greyish green and accented by orange baseboards that match the orange drop lamp illuminating the area.

Classy interiors are painted in nice colors all over the house, though you can opt to use just one color on the walls for unity.

Stylish Bedrooms

This house features 3 bedrooms, each with stylish designs and cute colors that look pleasing to the eyes.

One wall is styled with bricks in the master’s bedroom while the two rooms are painted in pastel blue and peach. They really look so nice and would perfectly match the furnishings you pick to add style to each one.

Modern Bathroom, Functional Kitchen

The bathroom also has a grey theme but accented by pretty tiles that span the middle of the walls with artsy blue prints.

Orange is also used for the kitchen but the kitchen counters with blue and black flowery tiles create an interesting focal point.

This 3-bedroom house design would be great for the family and could be built for around Php1 million.