A simple but good-looking house, this beautiful 2-story design features 1 bedroom, a nearly wraparound balcony, and a lovely carport at the bottom. Made of wood and painted in natural brown, this house looks great even from afar.

The main house is on the second floor, with the first floor used for the carport and the service area or storage for garden tools and other stuff.

Beauty is this house’s strongest feature. Many love the design, especially because the house is made up mostly of wood, including the balconies. Even the posts that support the house are also made of wood; however, concrete is used at the base to make the house sturdy.

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Great Design, Lovely Height

With the main house set high, you get to enjoy the view from a higher vantage point. This is perfect for a location with great views, but you can always landscape the garden to create your own view.

Aside from having a better vantage point, this house’s height makes it ideal for areas that sometimes get flooded.

Beautiful Bedroom with Great Views

Set on the second floor, the bedroom also has great views. So, you can enjoy reading a book with a great backdrop or relax anytime of the day without stepping outside your home. The wraparound balcony also makes a great spot to hangout.

Floral prints are used to add a splash of color to the otherwise woodsy brown theme. A white mosquito net hangs from the ceiling, softening the appearance of the room.

Semi-Outdoor Shower Area

The designer took advantage of the shower area location on the second floor and created a semi-outdoor look with a brick wall that’s only about two thirds of the wall’s entire height. This creates a resort effect and would be perfect with some tropical plants inside, for added beauty to the spot.

A house like this may be built for around Php700,000 but make sure to invest on sturdy posts for added safety.