Humans spend at least a third of our lives sleeping, particularly because we are all told that we need to sleep for 8 hours a day for a healthier body. It makes sense, then, that we make sure our bedrooms look great and feel comfortable.

For freelancer and homeowner John Austin Perez, his bedroom is not just a place to sleep but also a place to work and earn money from. So, he also wanted to make sure that he can enjoy the best of both worlds in a bedroom that looks great!


Just like many people, he does not own a huge space. But he was able to create a lovely bedroom and office with an impressive makeover that’s actually just worth Php20,000! Isn’t that amazing?


Creating a Loft Bed

When space is limited, one has to be creative in making sure that the place will still be spacious and capable of various activities. So, Perez decided on investing in a loft bed. By adding the loft bed, he was able to create a separate space for sleeping, allowing him to create a spacious office beneath.

I spent around P13,500 for the custom loft bed. This already includes the labor and the material,” Perez explained.

Built-in Closet Under the Stairs

Pressed for space, it was easy to think of other ways to use whatever spot may be useful for something productive. So, Perez chose to add drawers beneath the stairs to his loft bed. That solves the problem of having a closet inside the room.

During the day, he can even use the stairs as shelves for stuff he needed to put away from his desk.

Dedicated Workstation Under the Bed

The long, sturdy built-in shelf makes a dedicated workstation under the bed. Desk lamps provide enough illumination to let him work with ease.

Opposite the workstation is the media spot where there’s a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall and a small soundbar on another shelf.

I spent around P5,000 for the repainting of the walls,” he added. In total, he spent just Php20,000 for this bedroom makeover.