We’re supposed to sleep at least 8 hours a day. That means that we spend a lot of time in our bedroom. So, it makes sense to make it as comfortable and nice as possible. There are many ways to upgrade your bedroom – and here’s a bedroom makeover inspiration from Alwin Mance Pedraja that he shared with the Home Buddies community on Facebook.

In his post, Pedraja shared photos taken before and after the makeover of their mini master bedroom. He added that their house is 40 sqm.

Although the old bedroom was comfortable and already had lots of functional spaces and plenty of storage, the upgraded one looked so stylish while ensuring that there’s also lots of storage spaces.

From Comfy to Stylish and More Comfortable Bed

The old bed had spaces that could be used for storage. It’s a comfortable and functional space. But the bed upgrade is really good as well. Even if there aren’t built-in storage spaces beneath the bed, it looks much better than the old bed.

Instead of the colorful sheets, the upgraded options are elegant in different shades of gray. There’s also a padded headboard.

Sleeker Walls, More Stylish Design

Before, a table acts as dresser at the bottom of the bed. There’s also a huge mirror behind it. While that can make the space look bigger, the upgraded look certainly looks better.

A huge TV screen hangs from the industrial-style open shelves.

The walls also look sleeker, with the striped walls changed into gray. Despite the monotonous walls, that doesn’t actually make the space look drab. Instead, the bedroom looks more elegant now.

Better Cabinets, More Elegant Bathroom

The cabinets were also upgraded, with the improved one featuring better, more elegant hardware. Some open shelves were left to provide better access to more frequently used items.

Even the bathroom was also upgraded. It went from nice and comfy to a sleek and elegant space with shiny white tiles and a different style for the glass shower enclosure.

This kind of bedroom makeover could cost around Php500,000 or more, including the bathroom upgrades.

Source: Alwin Mance Pedraja