A lot of parents would agree that designing their little girls’ rooms is among the most fun part of building their house.

It’s like finding dresses for the beautiful little ladies, you also get to enjoy picking out cute pieces and adorable prints for your pretty princess.

While many parents still prefer having their kids in the master’s bedroom, there will come a time when they will be ready to have their own room.

To make the transition easier for everyone, let your kids have a charming room of their own so they will enjoy staying there.

These ideas for adorable bedrooms have cute but minimalist designs for girls that you will surely love.

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Paint color selection for your little girl’s room is up to her choice. While most girls enjoy pink, purple, or yellow, bear in mind that there are also girls who enjoy stronger colors of blue, green, and even black and white.

The trick to making any room beautiful is to add decoration that would suit the dweller’s personality and needs.

Hang a painting or your child’s portrait in her room.

Furniture pieces like a built-in closet or armoire plus a dresser and study table are great to have in any girl’s room, as long as there is space.

Many parents also enjoy pampering their kids with adorable rooms with castles and other awesome custom-made furniture.

This will make them enjoy their rooms more.

You’re really free to choose how to decorate your child’s room, but if they are a bit older than the toddler stage, it would also be more fun to let them be part of the decorating process as they pick their favorite cartoon characters to be included in the room design and décor.

You can never go wrong with pastel prints for your baby girl’s room.

After all, you could always change the color and the details as the child grow up and have other preferences in the future…