This impressive 2-story house is designed in a modern style, with a simple square shape and two floors. The flat roof design is like a shed as part of the decoration but also for economic reasons. The exterior walls are decorated with grey tone but have sandstone accents in some parts to enhance the façade.

Consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room, 1 office space, and 1 storage, this contemporary house features a great floor plan and a beautiful appearance. The design is modern, making use of concrete, sandstone, and lots of glass to create a lovely house.

Modern House Design

Standing tall and grand, this 2-story house has a modern house design that you can surely be proud of.

Unlike most homes, this one has doors that are angled perpendicularly to the porch instead of directly facing the front. But the living room is directly visible from the front through the large glass wall that is identical with the one used on the second floor where the master’s bedroom is located.

There’s a rooftop veranda on the second floor that features a beautiful spot for relaxation and enjoying the surrounding view.

Stylish Interiors

With glass walls at some parts and plenty of sliding glass windows, the great hall in this house looks more spacious and fresher. The white walls are lovely, perfectly framed by black baseboards and window jambs.

Upstairs, the bedrooms look great and also have glass walls on one side and concrete walls with lots of sliding glass windows on other sides. Even the bedrooms feature decorated ceilings and stylish lights.

Large, Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is large and features elegant L-shaped counters topped with black granite. The stainless-steel sink is located right by the sliding glass window. Below the counters are cabinets with sophisticated brown doors.

This modern kitchen also features a stainless-steel hood over the contemporary gas stove. Large enough for free movement, this kitchen also features a big fridge.

Just like the rest of the house, the bathrooms are also stylish. This 2-story 3-bedroom house is built for a budget of around Php3 million.