Do you fancy a wood home with a nice balcony and a beautiful garden? Then, this one can be a lovely choice! It’s features wood as the main material for the floors, walls, and posts. It’s just a 1-bedroom house, but it can be perfect for your family or would be a nice option for a couple.

Like many wood homes, this one is elevated from the ground to best preserve the wood materials and keep it from rotting quickly. You can opt for concrete floors, instead, but though they’re longer lasting, they just aren’t as beautiful as wood.

The roof can be any material, though roof tiles or color roof would make a better choice.

Fabulous Wood Walls, Great House Design

It’s not a huge mansion, yet this house is something that you can truly be proud of. It features a great house design that starts with the beautiful balcony at the front.

There’s a set of long chairs flanking a wooden table with a glass top at the balcony. This makes this spot a great place for hanging out, welcoming guests, or even enjoying your meal anytime of the day.

Classic Bedroom Design

You’ll love this beautiful house with its classic bedroom design. The walls are painted in a natural brown color that highlights the wood. The interiors have a lighter shade of brown compared to the outside.

Designed for use with air conditioning or to be built in colder climates, the bedroom doesn’t have a lot of windows. But you can always open this spot up by adding large windows to let natural light and the fresh breeze in.

White bedsheets are picked for this room, creating a beautiful contrast against the brown walls.

Because of its wood materials, construction of this house could cost Php1.3 million. But this price can greatly vary, depending of what wood you plan on using for your home.