Many young people dream of having their own room at their house, especially if there are a lot of people living in your place. But others have bigger dreams as they wish for their own home.

Bresa Buccat Bernardo Ibasitas of Pozorrubio, Pangasinan shares photos of the beautiful new native house they got using their own money! The native house looks simple on the outside but features elegant interiors.

She’s glad to share photos of the house, especially because she built it with her own money.

A basic home, this native structure does not have a kitchen or toilet because it is actually in their family’s yard and they could use the facilities at the main house. However, you can always opt to add these if you’ll be using this design as a separate home.

DIY Interior Design

This house features exteriors made of bamboo and interiors with plywood walls. Bresa and her family decided to upgrade the look by painting the interiors, creating an elegant design that truly looks perfect.

With lots of DIY skills apparently running in the family, they were able to transform the simple plywood walls into something straight from the pages of glossy interior design magazines!

The walls were first coated in white base paint before the grey paint is added. Then, designs were carefully painted on the walls, using masking tape as guide. They actually worked overtime on the painting job, even doing it well past midnight so they can finish the project as quickly as possible.

Impressive Final Output, Beautiful Porch

The final output is quite impressive. RGB LED lights were also installed along the seams to create a beautiful effect.

Sliding glass windows are used to upgrade the look but bamboo elements are also retained inside the room, including the ladder to the small loft and the railings.

The bamboo porch is absolutely gorgeous!