While a lot of people would love to have a huge home, with lots of extra spaces around the house to make gardens and beautiful lawns, the reality is that most can only buy small spaces due to various reasons.


For instance, those who live in big cities don’t have the luxury of buying huge lots; instead, they have to live in condo units.


But living in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful, spacious home! There are lots of ways you can decorate a small space to make it look beautiful and functional while still having a spacious home you can be proud of at all times!


Loft with Spiral Staircase or Ladder

It is a bit pricier than regular stairs but a spiral staircase like this is not just beautiful, it also helps free up space in your home. The wrought iron is also sturdy and would last a lifetime.


Another popular option is to add a ladder access to the loft. It won’t take up much space but might not be ideal if there are older people or kids who need access to the bedroom above.