Spacious 3-Bedroom House with Large Carport [Contemporary Design]

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This spacious 3-bedroom house boasts of a contemporary design, with stylish flat roofs, a large carport, lovely porch, beautiful balcony for the master’s bedroom, and an elegant main hall.

The house directly opens to the living room from the main entrance at the porch. This leads to the kitchen and dining area located in between the two back rooms.

Throughout the house, white is used on the walls. But this is perfectly contrasted by the brown accents on the posts, floors, or furniture pieces. Even the vehicles in this model house are in white. Stone tiles are used at the base of the porch for better style but the rest of the walls are in pure white.

Stylish 1-Story House with Perfect Floor Plan

Having the perfect floor plan ensures that all the rooms are located at the corners of the house so you can place as many windows as you want to keep these areas bright and airy. There are two bathrooms in this house, with one only accessed through the master’s bedroom.

This 3-bedroom house occupies 120sqm of space and might need at least Php2.6 million to build.