Did you know that any space in your house can turn beautiful, with the right design and matching furnishings to complete the look? That’s exactly what a young businessman did when he converted a cluttered storage area in their house into a beautiful bedroom, with some help from his mason dad.

Daeron Carlo Pabiloña was helping his mother set up her banana bread and cinnamon roll business when he realized that he also wanted to do some baking so he could start a cookie business. That’s how he started Everydae Indulgence, a cookie shop, with a capital of just Php2,000.

With this capital, he managed to grow his business and was able to save enough money to renovate a storage area in their house.

From Storage Area to Beautiful Bedroom

It’s the smallest room in their house but Pabiloña liked the storage room because it has large windows. He decided to claim this spot as his new bedroom, with his parents’ permission.

With the help of his mason dad and an architect friend, he was able to conceptualize and build a beautiful loft bedroom with an office in this small spot.

Building a Loft

According to Pabiloña, he doesn’t mind a loft bedroom because he’s been sleeping in one since 2015. The loft bed itself was designed to make sure that it could handle his weight and the mattress’ weight, too.

But it wasn’t just designed to be sturdy, it was also designed to look great. So, the walls and ceilings were painted nicely while the bed and the stairs were made of 2-inch plywood topped with beautiful wood laminates.

Underneath the loft is Pabiloña’s office which features a stylish table with a built-in floating shelf that matches the bed.

The sofa in his tiny office looks like it can also convert into a bed.

Though the price wasn’t posted, it could take around Php80,000 or less to create a room like this one.