Cabinets and shelves are important for every home. They reduce clutter, provide space for displaying decorations to beautify your home, and even look great as décor pieces themselves.

We’re sharing 21 modern and stylish shelf and cabinet ideas you can use as inspiration for your home. Take a look at each one and see which will suit your home best or could be used in different sections of your house.

Shelf Ideas for Your Living Room & Library

Whether you have a private library or use the shelves in your bedroom or living room for your books, open shelves are a great idea.

They make it easier for you to display your favorites; although that might not be a good idea if you live in a dusty area (or share the house with others who might not return your books LOL). But for most situations, these open shelves will look fantastic.

These shelves are also perfect for displaying plants, flowers, and succulents. Just make sure to put something, such as a lining, to protect the shelves from getting destroyed by the moisture.

Of course, it’s also possible to mix and match plants with books and other decoration pieces.

Check which shelves are ideal for corners of your home. These furniture pieces are perfect in various spots in your home, whether your bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

Floating shelves are cute but make sure to choose something with a sturdier support if you’re planning to use them for heavy stuff.

Mix and match colors and styles to create added interest in your open shelves.

Or you can opt for those with complicated designs. Take note that the more complicated the design, the higher they will cost, the longer they will take to build, and the more difficult it can get to clean them.

But things don’t have to be complicated to look nice. This one manages to look stylish and elegant without all the complications.


Shelf Ideas for Your Kitchen and Dining Area

Be sure that the shelves are sturdy, can handle heavy items, and are water-sealed. Floating shelves work as long as the hidden hardware are strong. You can always add braces and brackets to ensure safety, of course.

Kitchen shelves don’t have to be boring. Check out how these pieces were upgraded below.

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