Building a new house can be exciting and at the same time tiring. One way or another, it could be the best or the last thing you’ll ever do.

There are things you need to consider like the budget and the way how you want it to look like. You’ll be needing a good reference point in order to achieve your desired style.

If you are planning to renovate or build a house, here are a few tricks you need to know:

1. Gather References From Pinterest

Pinterest is of great help for the non-visual person. There are various styles and architectural designs you may opt from Pinterest.

Make a board so that you can have an easy reference for how you vision your house after the process.

2. Choose a Builder that allows additional and changes throughout the whole process.

house under contruction

There are builders that will allow you to make additionals and changes in the middle of the process. But there are some that do not allow to bend some rule after signing the plan.

They prefer to stick to the plan. You need to ask the builder how much space or leeway you are allowed to do on minor when the process starts.

3. The Non-negotiable List

List all the things you want to have in your future house.

As much as possible include every important detail in the initial costings so there wouldn’t be trouble from the developer’s end on providing you the quotation.

4. The Direction of the House

It may be not a big deal for you but you may consider the positioning of the house and which part where the sun shines during the day.

5. The Powerpoints

Get an electrical plan and be mindful about the powerpoints.

Electrical Sample Layout

Some builders allow you to decide where to place the powerpoints during the framing stage.

Make sure to get a provision for your television as it is common to have them mounted nowadays.

6. Similar Fittings is the Key

In order to purchase fittings at a cheaper price, make sure that you stick to the same tiles, fixtures, and colors throughout your home.

That way, you’ll be buying the materials in bulk at a more affordable price.

7. Keep a Spreadsheet

Familiarize yourself on how to keep a spreadsheet. So if there are taken or added in the costings, you’ll know. This will keep you and the builder on the same page.

8. Don’t Just Settle and Have Cash Up on Your Sleeve

If you want a part of your house to be extra, don’t just settle for anything less. Go and communicate this to your builder.

Always keep cash on yourself so if you need to pay for an extra, you’ll have something to bring on the table.

9. Understand Every Detail of the Contract

house detail
Photo: Unsplash/Tierra

It is important that you know every detail of the contract. You’ll know if you’ll be charged with any variations made in the plan.

There are developers that charge an admin fee for every change made in the plan.

So, here are just a few of the basics you need to know before you actually dive onto house renovation or building your dream house.

Always make you sure to plan ahead and have good thorough research. If anything that bothers you, do not hesitate to ask your builders!