15 Beautiful ‘Bahay Kubo’ Photos That You Can Have as Dream House

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In a tropical country like the Philippines, the kind of material used for the house and how it is designed could determine whether you would need a lot of appliances to cool the place up or if the place remains cool throughout most of the day.

While concrete remains a material of choice, many Filipinos still prefer the nipa hut, locally called as the ‘Bahay Kubo’, because it is cheaper to build and actually offers a cooler house that could help you withstand the heat of hot summer days with just a fan or two.

But the Bahay Kubo has seen an upgrade in recent years. It is no longer that basic nipa hut for a small family but has actually grown to something that could easily fit in high-end resorts across the country. In fact, a lot of resorts actually make use of the nipa hut design!

Your dream house or a facility in a resort, it does not matter because the nipa hut design’s upgrade ensures that you can have the cooling effects of the basic nipa hut while also providing you with everything you needed in a modern home.

These days, it is not uncommon to see nipa huts beside swimming pools and beautiful resort beaches.

Yet the Bahay Kubo still holds its charm even in the farm where it remains at its element.

Filipino architects and designers have created huge nipa houses that are at par with the contemporary houses in the big city, but with the native charm that appeals to many Filipinos. Thus, you could see huge homes in ‘Bahay Kubo’ fashion.

And while many of these nipa huts have bamboo walls, you can still choose to mix and materials according to your taste. While not a staple, a porch would make an excellent addition to any nipa hut, whether traditional or modern.

Source: BuzzFeed