For many young people, buying trendy new clothes, going on fun-filled vacations, and eating out at all the popular local restaurants are more important than saving for the future.

In fact, many go through their lives with the YOLO principle – why save when you can have fun? After all, you only live once! What’s sad with this mentality, however, is that when the rainy days come, they have nothing to spend and end up in deeper debt.

That is why people are often inspired by stories of young people who manage to take control of their finances at an early age. These young people are able to start and grow their own business or already built their own homes.

Take for example Sam Blanca, a 25-year-old call center agent who recently inspired netizens after sharing the story of his journey in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry and how he managed to buy his own home while he was still 22 years old.

Already a hardworking person even before graduating from college, Blanca supported himself by working at a BPO while he was still in school. He had to quit in his senior year, though. But it seemed that the industry had appealed to him so much since he found a job in another BPO after graduation.

He spent nearly 3 years in the second BPO company he worked for, saying that it is in this company that he learned a lot. It contributed to his growth. It is also in this company that he experienced getting promoted for the first time.

However, he moved to two other BPO companies before finally finding the best company he could ever dream of at his fifth job. Thanks to his work as call center agent, he was able to buy a house for himself. He encourages other call center agents to feel proud of their work because this is also a decent job that helps fulfill their dreams…