In a small size house, convenience, security, and happy living can be experienced. When it comes to being small, you cannot conclude that it will limit only to a lot of things compared to bigger ones.

In fact, less is more, and you might discover that you don’t really need to shell out more cash for more space.

Here are the two small and cheap houses that give each room, as well as the entire house, a feeling of coziness and intimacy.

Modern rectangular-type

This is a classic house that expresses simplicity and elegance because of its contemporary three-dimensional exterior.

The front includes a quaint porch that leads to a glass set of doors which allow more light inside.

You will notice the eminence of the sloping or skillion roof on the other side of the house which easily drains rainwater.

With this roof design, you can add a canopy, awning, or an angled roof for your family’s outdoor enjoyment.

The complimentary use of orange-brown with the bluish grey makes it more elegant.

It is a modern, rectangular-type of a house that has 6×8 meters of length and width.

For the interior, it has a span of 12.25 square meters that houses a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom.

Smaller but more adorable home

Some of the most adorable houses are actually tiny, and some are appealing because of their unique design.

This house is a humble yet luxurious kind of house that has a design of approximately smaller porch.

Considering this kind of design for such a compact space is absolutely a brilliant architecture.

With an area length of 6×6 meters, this captivating house includes a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom that makes it more comfortable and secure to live in.

Smaller homes are often more energy efficient. Living smaller means you learn to live with less stuff, so you don’t have to feel cluttered.

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You don’t have to be huge to be amazing, it’s all about, how well you work the space you have.

Source: Homify