It’s not a secret that when people build their homes, it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, it will always depend on the budget of the homeowner.

But what is common in all the houses being built is that the owner always looks for comfort.

This may differ for each person or family having their houses built, but it is always the common denominator.

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Worried about your budget? Here are 10 ways you can play with your creativity to provide more comfort to your small-sized project.

Outdoor space

What better way to give you a homey feeling where you can relax than to have ample outdoor space even on the side or back of your house.

Comfy Kitchen

A well-designed comfortable kitchen can actually make a big difference. Keep everything light and clean to give that sophisticated airy look.


Imagine having a hammock in your backyard and just relaxing while listening to the sound of the forest? Such a fairytale, right?

Open space

Having open spaces can not only bring you a bright and well-ventilated interior.


To simulate a tropical setting, incorporate greens and palms in your house. Even if you have a simple house, the difference that the plants give is huge.

Natural and Artificial Lights

Always make sure you maximize the use of both.


The use of modular maybe unpopular but as easy as it is to install, the interior is almost always comfortable.

Ambient lighting

If natural light is not possible, aim for ambient lighting to give that comfy vibe.


The beauty of wood partnered with white is a timeless classic. You can never go wrong with this pair.


Who says you can’t play with different ideas and still be great? Just try everything you want to try without overthinking.