It’s quite normal – and common – for kids to dream of their adult life as successful older versions of themselves, with their dream house and car.

But when they do start adulting, then they realize that it’s not as easy as it seems. But hey, who says you can’t do it, right?

Be successful and have your dream house also?

Here’s your step one.

Must-Haves To Give Your House That “Grown Up” Vibe

These are 5 household items that you should already have before you reach the age of 35:

#1 Macthing Glassware

Having a matching set of glassware does not always mean that you have to splurge.

If you always feel that your dining table lacks that cohesiveness, maybe it’s time to get your hands on matching glassware to fix this. Not to mention, to impress your guests.

#2 Full-length Mirror

One thing that a full-length mirror gives is the enjoyment while dressing up and seeing yourself whole.

Say goodbye to that mirror that can’t even let a 6-year old see her whole body. Also, installing a full-length mirror can let light come inside your house.

#3 Designated Hosting Furniture

Having a sideboard, bar cart, or even just a console table to be the designated place when you host visitors in your home can make a very big difference. It gives the notion of being “put together.”

#4 Curtains

The right curtain can give your home that “grown-up” feeling. Maybe you still have some cheap blinds or some obscure black cloth draped by your window.

It is time to take them off and install a proper curtain. It will also make your ceiling look higher.

#5 Original Artwork

Artists are amazing that way, they convey their message and give a certain personality with their piece.

And those who buy it can also gain that benefit. Choose an artwork that is more you, and include it in your home.

There you have it, make these 5 adjustments and be surprised at how “grown up” your house can look.