An online seller who started selling cellphones at the sidewalk shares photos of when he first started out and his current situation, with lots of cellphones in his stockroom and a grand house he build for his family!

They even have an indoor swimming pool. Isn’t that impressive?

Online Seller

Jhon Henrics Milan of GppPower GadgetShop shared the photos to inspire other people who are unsure about their situation, particularly in financial matters.

He explained that he is proud to be an online seller and that he’s sharing these photos to inspire, not to brag about his better situation now that his business has become successful.

Starting Out as Sidewalk Vendor

Milan was only 17 years old when he started his business by selling gadgets in the streets with an initial capital of Php10,000.

At the time, he only had a handful of cellphones to sell, but he didn’t lose hope.

Little by little, he was able to get more stocks to grow his business.

Growing His Business, Building His Home

From the small number of phones, he started selling by the sidewalk, he would soon have dozens, then hundreds to sell to his clients! From the sidewalk, he’s now selling online, operating from his home.

And now that he’s becoming successful in his online business, the former sidewalk vendor shares photos of his new home.

His stockroom, filled with hundreds of phone stocks, is a far cry from the table he used to sell the handful of phones back when he was just starting out.

His grand mansion is two stories high.

The beautiful new home features a balcony, a garage for his SUV, a huge living room, and an indoor pool.

A home like this surely costs over Php3 million to build.

Who would have thought someone who started out as a sidewalk vendor could build this kind of house, huh? Congratulations on your new home, sir!

Source: KAMI