Celebrity couple Doug and Cheska Kramer, who vlog under the handle ‘Team Kramer’, own an impressive mansion that features plenty of exciting as well as relaxing spots for various activities that their family or guests could enjoy.

Even their kasambahays (housemaids) have their own spacious quarters in the house – and these come with the amenities they wanted.

But the celebrity couple recently made waves online after they built a house for their kasambahay and her family in the province, with the help of Netflix.

In a series called “Letters to Klaus”, in cultural reference to the Christmas movie “Klaus”, Netflix sponsored three wishes.

One was from a kid who got lots of toys and food for shelter dogs, another was from a kid who brought kids from the orphanage to a fun-filled day out, and the third from Team Kramer kids who asked for a house for their Yaya Joy in the province.

Kramer kids Kendra, Scarlet, and Gavin called their Yaya Joy and asked her to read a letter.

In the letter, they shared about their Christmas wish to provide her with a house in the province.