One cannot truly call a house “a home” if it does not make you feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed.

There are thousands of house designs you can scroll over the internet if you are planning to renovate or construct your own. You just got to find the perfect one that will fit your taste.


  1. Geothermal Home
  2. A Hobbit Inspired Home
  3. Underground Hotel
  4. Flinstone-like House
  5. Older than Humans

And if you are a nature lover, you are lucky enough to have found this article. Here’s a rundown of amazing underground house design that might inspire you!

1. Geothermal Home

Geothermal Home

This geothermally heated house known as Festus’s Cave in Missouri is energy efficient. It sounds indifferent, but house caves are the new trend today. You’ll be spending a lot of money on this so as not to destruct the balance of nature while building your dream house INSIDE A CAVE. You can ditch heating or airconditioners because the geothermal heating does the work.

2. A Hobbit Inspired Home For Book Fanatics

A Hobbit Inspired Home For Book Fanatics

A good nature and a good book is a great combination. And who wouldn’t know R. R. Tolkien nowadays? You can find a hobbit home inspired by Tolkien universe in Vals, Switzerland.

The relaxing abode where terrain and slopes of the mountain are followed and where thermal baths are famous. It’s as if giving you a free travel from the book to reality!

The interior design may look rough but it is built in modern style.

3. Underground Hotel

Underground Hotel

If you think high-rise buildings and condominiums are the best options and the latest trend today, you may want to check out Bad Blumau in Austria. Only renowned architect Friedensreich Hunderwasser did it beautifully and artistically.

It has 100 rooms where you can indulge your eyes with the breath-taking views around.

Not just the homes but the whole area is so pleasing to the eyes where every area is nestled on the natural slopes.

4. Flinstones-like House

Flinstones-like House

Who wouldn’t forget Flinstones? The simple living in between the boulders is actually possible. Looking extraordinary but you wouldn’t believe that it is constructed with natural materials?

Just like normal houses, it has a door, a window, and a roof. All set for you. Standing right on the ground, it would be sweet to witness the sun’s setting up and down each day.

5. Older Than Humans

Older Than Humans

A 700-year old cave in Iran is actually livable and if you are into a convenient way of living, you may start packing your bags and rent one in here!

You may figure this place as quiet as the woods from afar but there are actual people simply living here. It is carved from the natural rock formations. Just like what science says, the more the caves get old, the more they get sturdier.

These house designs are formed and carved without harming the environment. Also, there are processes that should be done and things to consider like the soil in the area, the texture, and the structures before you finally achieve your dream underground house.

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