Upcycling Old Boats Has Never Been This Creative

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Living inside old boats as an alternative to buying a house and a lot is becoming a trend lately because of its unique home designs, flexibility, and affordability.

If you live by the sea, don’t you think it is just right to own a houseboat? Or even if you live in the city, a nice twist to the old traditional home is by incorporating a fresh concept involving sea-inspired designs.

Houseboats are efficient as they already have a structure. It is affordable in a sense that you won’t have to build it from scratch, although you still need to renovate a little bit and decorate.

Here are our top ideas for your houseboat:

1. Rooftop Deck

Reconstruct your small boat by adding a rooftop deck. This gives it a more traditional-looking look rather than a whole boaty experience. Doing so also provides space for you to enjoy the view of the sea and the sunset from the top. Give your home big glass sliding doors to allow the light and air to come in.

2. Vintage

This antique-looking boat has been turned into a warm and cozy and cozy place to stay, suited for any ambiance. The rooftop was turned into an open living room with outdoor furniture and plants.


3. Floating Resthouse

Family vacations are always the best. While you float on water, why don’t you take a little rest indoors? This boat allows you to do that because it has rooms enough for a huge family and more space for social dinners.

4. Open rooftop

Bring out your chic aura through your new home! This one was redesigned for light to come through. The open space also allows people to feel welcomed. An open rooftop is also a plus for social events.

5. Modern

Houseboats need not look old and grumpy. You can revamp your boat the installing large glass windows and add some nice lighting inside.

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44 shares, 396 points


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