8 Upside Down Houses That Will Confuse Your Mind

3 min

As people who are drawn to routines and set schedules, we tend to be drawn to unusual things. When something falls out of the ordinary, it fascinates us and makes us curious about it.

Just like these unusual houses in this article today. The houses in this are uniquely upside down. How is that? Where do they enter?

Scroll down and see the list.

1. Szymbark, Northern Poland – Education and Region Promotion Centre

Szymbark, Northern Poland - Education and Region Promotion Centre

For 9 Poland Zloty, or roughly $2.36, or free if your kids are 6 and under, you get to enter this upside-down house that is also an open-air museum. The aim of this unique structure is to “protect the heritage of the heritage of two Lesser Polish families.”

More of a structure that was embedded in another structure rather than a house, this brilliant design still deserves a spot in our list. The appearance was intended to replicate a bomb that was lodged in the home because of a rogue B2 House Bomber that just happened to want to declare war on Austria.