Would You Live In Any Of These Secluded Houses?

2 min

To live in a happy and helpful neighborhood is one of the reasons why we need to pick our humble abode wisely.

It is very important to be surrounded by other people, to be watched over by nice neighbors, to be near a hospital, police station and a fire station in case of emergencies.

But did you know that not everyone like social interaction?

Here are a couple of houses that are located far from everyone else!

1. Small Island

This house is the only thing that can fit this small island, in the middle of a river. During high tide, the waves rush through the house’s walls, but during a fine day at low tide, a nice garden becomes visible.

This tiny house is very liveable. Although isolated, this place could be a nice resthouse! The view adds up to the beauty!

house in Small Island

2. Rocktop

Would you live on top of a huge rock? Doing so would require a lot of work going to and fro, and is definitely not visitor-friendly! This building is said to be a church, inhabited by a monk. The rock foundation is 40 meters high!

house on Rocktop

whole island house