You don’t actually need to have a huge space to have a beautiful home. In fact, there are lots of great ideas for charming little homes that come with compact floor plans and elegant interiors.

Take this lovely little home with a condo style that you can actually copy for a real condo or even on a detached home on a small lot.

Set right by the street, the house’s main door directly opens to the main road. In such a house design, make sure to add a second layer of security to your main door. This was actually achieved by a screen door for this home, but you can opt for other designs.

Small but Beautiful House Design

Because of its size and design, this house has no room for a front porch. But the walls are decorated nicely. Make sure to put sturdy grills on the windows to keep unwanted people out, but also opt for stylish designs as much as you can.

You’ll fall in love with this house’s stylish, well-planned interiors.

Elegant Interior Design

What it lacks in space, this house easily makes up with style. The recessed ceiling over the living room has stylish lights that add effect to the design, particularly at night when the backlights are in action.

The couch and other furniture pieces were picked for comfort and utility in mind, without compromising style in this small space.

Modern Kitchen, Stylish Bathroom

The kitchen occupies a corner in this studio-type house but features enough space for modern appliances. Indeed, the kitchen might be small, but it is fully equipped to meet your daily cooking needs.

Just like the rest of the house, the bathroom is small but stylish.

Spacious Bedroom

Surprisingly, the bedroom is spacious and still has ample space for a full-sized cabinet. The bed is made of steel while the mattress is nice and comfortable. You might be able to build this house for a budget of around Php300,000 or less.