Building a house in a limited space can be a huge challenge, but there are also lots of great ideas that you can use as an inspiration for your home. One example is this fancy native house that features one bedroom, a nice porch, and an outdoor kitchen with a lovely dining spot. It’s simple but beautiful.

Fancy accents are used to decorate the exteriors of this house, creating a nice look that your guests can admire as they enter your home. Remember, it’s always good to make the front area look beautiful because first impressions last.

This home only has one bedroom, so it might not be suitable for a huge family. But if you’ll live here on your own or with just a few people, then it can be a good place to call home.

Outdoor Living Room Design at the Nice Porch

This house is unique from other homes because the porch itself doubles as the living room and shares the space with the kitchen and dining area. These spaces can be accessed by anybody, anytime, because there’s no door that you can lock to keep other people out.

Instead, the door opens to the space used as the bedroom.

But the design itself doesn’t make the place look bad. In fact, it actually makes this house quite interesting.

Beautiful Bedroom Design, Resort Style House

The bedroom looks fancy, thanks to the glass windows, floor-length curtains, and nice double bed with a thick foam mattress. There are cute lamps at each of the side tables, while an artwork hangs over the bed.

Of course, you can always decorate this space to the theme you fancy.

Elegant Bathroom

This place features an elegant bathroom with a stylish sink. It has cream-colored tiles on most walls but an accent wall with speckled tiles that match the basin-like sink upgrades the look of this space.

It probably won’t cost you over Php800,000 to build this home.