Built from recycled materials, this little 1-bedroom house makes a great addition to your yard or even as the main house for a solo dweller or for a couple. What’s surprising is that even though it was made from scrap materials, the builders were able to create a house that still looks great!

Its soothing green color is the perfect complement to the natural brown paint on the door and windows.

Too small to have a living room inside, this house features an extension that doubles as terrace and living room. Adding a table to this spot also makes it perfect as dining area.

Building from Scratch

Using salvageable materials, the builders made sure to have the wood treated and the crooked materials straightened up. Everything was cleaned up and the layout made for this charming little house.

The small, single-story house features flat roof with side awnings. Once laid out, the flooring was completed first before the walls were built.

Attention to Detail

While this house is made from scraps, with a recycled main door and old French dividers converted into windows, there is much attention to detail. This creates a house that one wouldn’t think to be just made from scraps!

The door was repainted to make it look like new. The same thing was done on the windows and the rest of the walls around the cute home.

Putting the Final Touches

To brighten up the space, the house was painted in lime green. It creates a look that still manages to fit right in the rural setting.

The open space inside this 1-bedroom house can be equipped with multi-functional furniture to maximize the home’s features.

A lovely set of marble tables and chairs is placed in the terrace, serving as hangout for the residents and their guests.

Since the house is built from scrap, this is much cheaper than if done from new materials. But a house with a similar setup from brand-new materials might only cost around Php150,000.