1-Bedroom House with Unique Open Area for Kitchen and Dining Room

Most houses have their kitchen and dining area placed inside, possibly sharing an open plan with the living room.

Others have the kitchen at the back, but the dining room remains inside.

But some also have a unique arrangement, like this 1-bedroom house we’re featuring, because they put the kitchen and dining room in the middle – and without direct access from all the rooms.

 House with Unique Open Area

It’s not a house design for everyone, certainly, but the owners of this one want to separate the common areas from the private room.

So, the living room is set at a different location to the left of the house, with access to the open kitchen at the middle.

 House with Unique Open Area

The bedroom is set to the right of the house, without access to the middle part but has a separate door that opens directly to the yard.

Unique Floor Plan, Modern House

This modern house has a unique floor plan, but it could work for your family, especially if you need space for a private office.

This could make a good layout, although you can always move the bedroom door to the middle section instead of opening to the yard.

The house also features flat roofs that have separate sections for the different areas of the house.

Lovely Interiors, Nice Porch

Like other modern homes, this one features a nice porch at the front; although it’s smaller than most and doesn’t have built-in seating. (See also: Modern Grey House with Stylish Interiors, Creative Art Works)

The living room has mostly gray walls like the exteriors, but one is decorated as a stone wall to stand out from the rest. It’s the perfect spot for your TV and other entertainment devices.

Unique Kitchen and Dining Room Idea

These are set in the middle of the house, with one open wall. The kitchen end juts out towards the back and has an L-shaped counter for meal preparations and washing the dishes. (See article: Small but Cute House Idea with Fabulous Interiors & Nice Kitchen Extension)

This space is also accessible through a small gate at the front.

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You have this house for around Php1.2 million.

Source: Home and Garden

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