This multi-level 1-bedroom MUJI-style house with open design might not be for everyone but it a dream for many young folks who enjoy a house with more open spaces for creativity. This home features plenty of glass walls, both around the house and in between the rooms.

Painted in white, the house is an interesting character that stands out from the rest of the traditional houses in the neighborhood.

Though this model house is a casa and café, it could still make a great option for the family; though the glass parts and the many stairs might not be the best when you have small kids.

Unique Design

This house has a unique design that features various angles on the outside and many split-level floors on the inside. Though some might think of that as weird, this simply shows style in this beautiful home.

Even the doors are not in typical shape, just like this one with a standard rectangular door wrapped in a bigger rectangle with rounded edges.

Modern Kitchen and Dining Area

It is to be expected of this contemporary home that all parts of the house also keep up with the times. The modern kitchen features induction cookers embedded on the white countertops. Modern kitchen appliances are set in special places at the simple yet functional cabinets painted in white.

Wood items contrast quite nicely with the modern design of this kitchen, creating a look that seems straight out of the pages of a glossy magazine.

Contemporary Floor Plan

This multi-level house has plenty of nooks and spots for reading or doing various leisure activities.

While there is only one bedroom in this house, it is easy to convert any of these activity spots into another bedroom. You simply have to extend the walls for privacy.

In this type of open house plan, privacy might be difficult but floor-length curtains to cover the glass walls could easily do the trick.

This fancy house would cost at least Php1.5 million to build.