1-Bedroom Wooden House, Raised Platform and Relaxing Balcony

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Looking perfect in a field at a rural setting or even as a charming home in the city, this 1-bedroom wooden house is great for a small family or a couple seeking retreat in a quiet place.

Suitable for construction in a private area, this house is designed for its dwellers to stay outdoors to enjoy the scenery. There’s a beautiful balcony that’s perfect for relaxation and enjoying the fresh air.

Although small, this home is perfect if you don’t need a lot of space to enjoy your day. Plus, you can always opt to just stay outdoors most of the time, retiring inside the house for rest.

Stylish Wooden Home

With a balcony that wraps around three sides, this stylish wooden home is a joy to live in. There really is so much space for outdoor relaxation under the shade of the roof that juts out to ensure that every part of the balcony is covered.


This 1-bedroom wooden house was built for around Php150,000.