Looking perfect in a field at a rural setting or even as a charming home in the city, this 1-bedroom wooden house is great for a small family or a couple seeking retreat in a quiet place.

Suitable for construction in a private area, this house is designed for its dwellers to stay outdoors to enjoy the scenery. There’s a beautiful balcony that’s perfect for relaxation and enjoying the fresh air.

Although small, this home is perfect if you don’t need a lot of space to enjoy your day. Plus, you can always opt to just stay outdoors most of the time, retiring inside the house for rest.

Stylish Wooden Home

With a balcony that wraps around three sides, this stylish wooden home is a joy to live in. There really is so much space for outdoor relaxation under the shade of the roof that juts out to ensure that every part of the balcony is covered.

This garden-style house features mostly wood in natural shape, but concrete posts ensure that the house has sturdy foundations.

All the wood parts of the house are painted in brown to mimic the natural color of the wood materials. There wood accents at the top of the railings to seemingly emphasize this house’s wood design.

1-Bedroom Beauty

Enclosed in beautiful wooden walls, this 1-bedroom beauty is a relaxing place to live in. The walls are made of natural wood, with each slab showing the natural grain that makes the house look even more beautiful.

The carved windows appear like miniature doors on each side of the house, while the door itself is standard sized and has gold carvings.

Outdoor Bathroom

Just like many homes of similar design, this 1-bedroom house does not have a bathroom indoors. Instead, the bathroom is located outside. But this house was able to still incorporate the design to the house, adding the bathroom at the end of one porch. It has a white PVC door but you can opt to still use wood here but make sure to add several coats of waterproofing paint to protect the wood.


This 1-bedroom wooden house was built for around Php150,000.