Set on a platform at least 1 m high, this 1-bedroom wooden house features lots of balcony space and a beautiful vantage point of the lovely views around your home. Thus, this house is perfectly complemented by a lush garden with plenty of beautiful flowers.

Standing tall with beautiful carvings as accent, this wooden house features straight logs as posts, creating a more natural effect that adds to its beauty.

The large balcony wraps around two walls of the house, with the same width as the bedroom portion, making it look like the central portion of the home. Even the ceilings are made of wood! This house truly looks fantastic.

Modern Wood House

This modern wood house features galvanized iron roofs and glass windows. It is something that you can be proud of and would make a great hangout, especially in a place where there is fresh breeze and beautiful sights around your home.

Just like many wooden houses, this one has space beneath that’s too low for people to stand beneath but still makes the house look great.

Make sure that the slabs of wood used on the floors are always kept shiny. Also, take note to retouch the waterproofing and varnish at least once a year to keep the place looking good. Moreover, make sure to check for termites and other wood-boring insects to keep the structure safe.

Welcoming Balcony, 1 Bedroom Beauty

The balcony is really the main feature of this house, though the bedroom area still looks comfortable and nice. One side of the balcony features built-in benches made from slabs of wood polished to look great but with the natural shape retained.

The larger balcony portion could actually double as sleeping area! If this house is in a private location, you can simply put mats on the balcony so you can sleep with the fresh breeze blowing.

Depending on the type of wood used to build this 1-bedroom house, you can have this for a budget of around Php200,000 to Php400,000.