This sprawling 1-story grey house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and lots of space for fun would be perfect for a big family.

Set on a large piece of land with a fence that matches the character of the house, this place is truly something that you can be proud of having as your home.

Entrance to the property is through the sliding gates at the front while the main house is accessed through the sliding glass doors from the porch.

The house itself has a U shape where the middle is made up of the living room while the sides are taken up by the bedrooms.

Beautiful Design

Grey House Outside exterior

This house looks great even from afar.

The gates lead directly to the carport that can accommodate 2 vehicles.

Grey is used as the main color scheme of this beautiful house but accents of brown and white also add interest to its look.

Large glass windows adorn this home, creating a beautiful appearance while also providing the house with natural light.

Stylish Interiors

Inside the house, the floors are made of marble-patterned tiles while the walls also have elegant grey paint.

But other walls are also in white and even with brick style, creating an artistic effect across the house.

grey house interior design

Furniture pieces are carefully picked to create an elegant look while the curtains are also stylish to match the overlook sophisticated look.

Retro Kitchen

Large glossy black granite countertops on the L-shaped counters contrast perfectly with the white brick tiles in the kitchen walls and cabinets.

This creates a retro effect that’s made modern by the built-in stove and large stainless steel sink. Sliding glass windows are also used in the kitchen.

Gorgeous Bathroom

The bathroom is truly a gorgeous spot in this house.

It features the same white brick tiles as the kitchen but has stylish lights and other geometric accents.

Beautiful plants are also used to decorate this modern home that was built for around Php1.6 million (estimated).