The modern style of this charming 1-story house with 3 bedrooms makes it a great place to live for a growing family, no matter where you build it. This house would fit a rural of urban setting.

With a flat roof and a boxy shape, this house is economical to built but still manages to look stylish. The exterior walls are painted in very light grey while the posts and base have a darker shade. Accents in pink, white, and brown prettify this charming home.

Unlike many modern homes, this one does not have a porch, but the wide stairs directly lead to the huge sliding glass doors that open to the living room.

Modern House Design

This house features a boxy design with a modern flat roof that has a white ceiling with ventilation holes to keep the place cool.

To upgrade the look, the exteriors have accents of different colors, made with different materials. However, this is only used at the front walls as the rest of the exteriors only have light grey paint with dark grey accents.

Excellent Floor Plan

The sliding glass doors directly open to the living room while a short hallway leads to the three bedrooms as well as the kitchen towards the back. This creates an excellent floor plan that maximizes the space inside your house.

Walls inside the house are set in creamy white, creating a brighter look. Dark brown is used on the baseboards and bedroom doors, highlighting the contour of this charming little home.

This theme is also used for the 3 bedrooms. Meanwhile, the charming bathroom features brown tiles with stylish prints.

Spacious Kitchen

The kitchen is placed at the back of the house but still enclose with a wall to prevent stray animals from entering. Only half of the walls have concrete while the upper portions have interlinked wires.

The sink is set towards one corner while the rest of the kitchen provides ample spaces for large kitchen appliances and a big table.

This 3-bedroom house may be built for a budget of around Php1.5 million.