With 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a huge space for the living room and dining area, this 1-story house design is a great place for you and your family to stay in. There are lots of space for everyone to hang out while also providing them with a comfortable, private place to rest.

The hipped roof looks grand on top of this beautiful home. Grey tones are used all over this house, including the roof. White accents add elegance to this 1-story house that comes with a carport to fit two vehicles and directly accessed from its wide sliding gates.

Grand House Design

Although just a 1-story house, the grand design of this home makes it even bigger and more beautiful than its actual size. It looks great from front to back and has plenty of space around for various activities.

Because the space at the front is used as carport, the house does not have a big porch. However, the large carport with lovely tiles could easily double as extra terrace if you have plenty of guests over.

Great Interiors

Such a grand house deserves grand interiors – and that’s exactly what you will get in this beautiful home! The interiors still have a grey theme, though a much lighter shade is used on most of the walls.

Quite surprisingly, yellow accents are used at the recessed ceilings, but this works out perfectly. The relaxed atmosphere of this home plus the stylish layout make everything look so neat and lovely.

Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is not large but features modern conveniences. The dark cabinet doors look stylish while there are lots of windows to provide natural light while cooking during daytime.

The 3 bedrooms are lined up next to each other, with the master’s bedroom with its ensuite bathroom surprisingly located towards the back.

This grand 3-bedroom home is built for Php2 million.