A fantastic place to live in, this 1-story house features 3 bedrooms, a huge main hall, and an elegant bathroom. It stands tall and has a wide frontage, showcasing a beautiful abode that you can truly be proud of.

Main access to the house is through the steps located at the side of the sliding glass main doors. The entryway is modern and placed at the middle while the lovely porch with built-in benches is set to the right.

The exterior walls are painted in cream with grey and orange accents while the interiors come in different colors, depending on the room.

Modern Design for 1-Story House

The sprawling house design ensures that there is ample space for everything. The huge hall inside is perfect for entertaining guests. There’s a separate spot for the living room and enough space for a dining area, study or office, and even an upright piano near the entrance.

This 1-story house also has lovely ceilings with artsy light pieces, vertical sliding glass windows, and beautiful marble floors.

Stylish Bedrooms, Nice Porch

Just as the living room looks grand, this house surely has stylish bedrooms with lovely lights. Copying the windows at the living room, the sliding glass windows in the bedrooms make the space look more beautiful.

This house also has a nice porch at the front. It is a bit narrow and won’t fit a full-sized table but it is still a great place to hang out.

Modern Kitchen, Big Bathroom

The spacious kitchen features a modern design that comes with black granite countertops, a stainless-steel sink, and huge sliding glass windows. White floors and cabinets brighten up space while shiny brick-inspired tiles make space look like an industrial kitchen.

Frosted glass blocks are used as divider between the wet and dry areas in the large bathroom with hotel-inspired designs.

This grand 3-bedroom house may be built for at least Php2.8 million.