Set on an elevated platform that provides you with a better view of the surrounding areas, this 1-story house is a great place to live in. It features a modern style roof, 3 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms.

This charming home has a wide porch that’s wide enough for a table and some chairs so you can enjoy breakfast or afternoon snacks while admiring the view. There’s a gate to the stairs leading to the house, preventing stray animals from getting in, just in case you live in an open lot.

Inside, the home is stylish and could easily get featured on the pages of glossy home magazines.

Modern Design

This home features a modern design that comes with a lovely porch at the front and railings that match the accent at the top. Painted in white and grey, the porch looks stylish. The sliding glass doors and windows also make the space look more beautiful.

A short carport to one side is perfect for one car.

Stylish Interiors

This house features a dreamy interior. Artsy grills add beauty to the sliding glass windows while the white walls open up the space, making the place look bigger.

The entire hall has white tiles that mimic a marble design while the long sofa doubles as a bed at night for guests or if you simply want to relax while watching TV.

Elegant Bedrooms, Well-Equipped Home

This stylish home has 3 elegant bedrooms, all with the same floor tiles as the living room. The walls are also painted in white but has an accent wall on top of the headboard. The beds are elegant as well.

This house is well provided for, with a modern kitchen that features a tall fridge, a single-line counter, and a table set with charmingly mismatched chairs.

Even the bathrooms are stylish and have a bathtub where you can relax in this modern 3-bedroom house.