This 1-story modern house with 2 bedrooms and 73 sqm of living space is a great option for a small or medium-sized family. It looks great, using a combination of concrete and lots of glass for a more sophisticated look.

A nice carport with lovely tiles extends to one side of the house while the porch is a welcoming feature at the front area. Built-in benches at the porch provide a place to hang out without you needing to buy additional furniture.

This home features stylish interiors, with recessed ceilings and a gorgeous DIY wall clock. Bedroom doors are made of wood while the kitchen door is made of glass.

Stylish Exteriors

This house might be small but it is something that you can be proud of. Its grey columns create a sharp contrast with the white exterior walls. Dark brown paint is also used to emphasize the wood parts of the house.

A small but comfortable porch is a welcoming feature at the front of the house while the glass windows create a beautiful effect throughout this house.

The same style is used towards the back; although there’s no porch at the back portion.

Lovely Interiors

White walls make this house look bigger and allows you to style it anyway you want. The stylish ceiling creates a nice focal point at the living room. White marble tiles look great all over the house.

Rooms are spacious and have large glass windows with white frames.

Modern Kitchen with Outdoor Extension

The L-shaped counters of the modern kitchen features black tiles and a stylish backsplash next to a glass hood. Sliding glass windows add beauty to the kitchen.

What’s quite surprising is that the kitchen has an outdoor extension where the sink is located. It matches the prints of the indoor kitchen and is accessed by the backdoor made of wood.

Building this 2-bedroom house would cost around Php1 million.