Occupying 89 square meters of usable space, this 1-story modern home features 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a nice hall that has ample space for the living room and dining area.

The house itself is set on a platform that’s about 1 meter high, offering a boost in height to the house. This makes the house look bigger and nicer, while also providing you a better viewpoint from that higher position.

Painted in grey and brown, this house features a modern design that comes with a flat roof, airy interiors, and a welcoming front porch. The accented pillars, nice lights, and built-in benches make the porch even better.

Nice Design

The design of this home is quite modern, with a porch at the front as part of the welcoming entrance, the main hall for the living and dining areas, and a master’s bedroom that looks out from the front portion of the house.

A lower flat roof juts out from the house to cover the porch area while the rest of the house is covered with the flat roof design that slopes to the left.

Classy Home

The porch features wood-themed tiles but the interiors have white marble tiles. The hall is painted in greyish white, a color that makes the house look wide. One bedroom is painted in blue while the other is in pink.

Curtains were also picked to match the rooms that these are placed in. The curtains provide privacy for the home, especially at night.

While the main door is made of sliding glass, the bedroom doors are made of wood, both with impressive designs.

Simple Kitchen, Nice Bathroom

The kitchen is small and simple but equipped with the necessary equipment you need for daily cooking. The L-shaped counters has a fridge at one end but could house a gas range at the other end.

The bathroom is nice and comfortable, with white and brown tiles that actually add style to this space. For a budget of Php1.1 million, you can build this beautiful 2-bedroom house with modern design.