A beautiful pink house that some guys might not like due to its color, this house admittedly stands out from the neighborhood and easily brightens up the spot where it stands. This would make a perfect home for a family with kids to have more fun but would also be great for all types of homeowners.

This home has lots of great features, including a spacious porch at the front area. There’s ample space for a reading nook or a breakfast spot in this portion. It is easy why home designs with a porch addition are quite popular these days.

You’ll love this 1-story pink house, thanks to its modern features both on the outside and inside. The sloping flat roofs are angled opposite from each other, creating a lovely effect.

Spacious Hall for Living Room, Dining Area

Entrance to this home is through the huge wooden doors with dragon prints that look elegant to look at. The double doors swing inwards so that the dragons become elegant décor inside the house once these doors are opened.

Inside, there’s a spacious hall that features a spot for the living room and another for the dining area. You can simply arrange the furniture pieces to provide a bigger space for either areas. Pink curtains perfect match the pink walls of this lovely home.

Spacious Bedrooms, Matching Bathrooms

The bedrooms are spacious enough for double beds and a full-sized closet but you can always opt for built-in furnishings. Pink walls also grace the interiors from the common areas to the bedrooms, creating continuity that looks pleasing to the eyes.

The matching bathrooms are set beside each other – one for men and one for women. Off-white tiles with pinkish designs are used for the walls while the floors have gray non-slip tiles.

A beautiful 1-story house like this can be built for a budget of around Php1.5 million.