How big is your closet? Not everyone is blessed with huge walk-in closets like what celebrities have, with lots of spaces available for all their clothes, shoes, bags, and various accessories.

Best Closet Ideas

But even if you only have a small closet, you can still maximize that space and make it bigger with these ten (10) brilliant closet ideas.

1. Use Hooks for Belts

You can use S-hooks to hang your belts. But if regular S-hooks are not available, you could always use the plastic hoops for shower curtains.

2. Use the Kon Mari Method

Search YouTube for tutorials on how to fold clothes using the Kon Mari method. This will greatly reduce clutter in your closet while maximizing space.

3. Shoe Organizers That Double Space

Instead of having just the regular shoe racks that take up space, you can pick the ones that double up the space. Individual shoe organizers let you pack the shoes in tighter spaces – and they’re usually colorful, too!

4. Organize Upper Shelves

Often the upper shelves get ignored, but you can use this for items that are rarely used. Used boxes to organize the stuff or separators and other shelf organizers to reduce clutter.

5. Use the Door as Extension

You can extend your closet to your bedroom door, if closet space is a problem. There are organizers that you can slip over the door to convert it into a spot to organize various stuff like bags, belts, or shoes that won’t fit your closet.

6. Add Vertical Organizers

These days, there are plenty of closet organizers you can choose from. Hanging vertical organizers let you add extra space for shoes, bags, clothes, or other needs.

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7. Design (or Redesign) the Closet with Functional Organizers

Home improvement stores offer options for functional space organizers you can easily add to your closet without the help of carpenters. These DIY shelves add more space to your closet.

8. Roll Your Clothes and Organize in Baskets

Aside from the Kon Mari method, you can also choose to roll your clothes to maximize space. You can store these inside plastic baskets that you can stack up.

9. Organize with Recycled Cardboard Boxes

But you don’t have to spend on the plastic boxes. Try using cardboard boxes to organize your space.

10. Modify a Hanger as Scarf Organizer

Put metal rings on a hanger to create a cute scarf organizer.

Image credits: Amazing Interior Designs