Do you ever dream of having your own tiny house? One, where you can decide what it should look like? Do you think of buying it or building it somehow?

You might be thinking to buy it instead to lessen the workload. However, you might be surprised by the amount of the house no matter how tiny it is.  Yes, a small house is not expensive, but a ready-made house is. In fact, the estimated price of a ready-made house is as high as $40,000 or above 2,000,000 PHP.  Don’t have that budget yet? Why not build your own tiny house instead?

If you don’t have that budget or not willing to spend that much of money for a tiny house alone, why don’t you build it yourself? You might be thinking it’s impossible but it’s not. With all the advanced tools scattered in the market plus free ideas you can get from the internet, you might be surprised at how creative you can be.

I’m not an Engineer or an Architect so I can’t

Maybe you’re having second thoughts because you don’t have a skill of an Engineer or an Architect. You might be second-guessing your own judgment because of this. However, if you’ll just look around, you will see that almost everyone is doing it their own- from decorating their own room to reconstructing their own house.  

So, is it possible for you to build your own tiny house even if you’re not an Engineer or Architect?  Yes, don’t limit yourself because you definitely can!

To help you get started building your own tiny house, we gathered free designs for you. Here are 13+ photos of tiny house designs with floor plans you can build your own.

Tiny House Design with Floor Plan















Source: Pinoy E Plans