A house is one of the basic needs of a family – but who said you should have a house that looks like what everyone else has? These days, it is easy to find the best designs for unique homes on the internet.

Since we live in a modern world, how about trying out futuristic designs for your home? Stand out from the rest of your neighborhood with inspiration from these cool homes.

1. Robot House

Designed for a sloping lot, this house looks like a robot about to transform into a spaceship or car. With glass walls all around the first floor and architectural cladding on the second floor, this house looks like it comes straight for a sci-fi movie.

2. Shell House

Ovals create a shell for this house that would be perfect to have in the woods. The futuristic design lets you enjoy nature with its wooden porch.

3. White House

This white house incorporates glass in the eccentric façade that looks like this house is on another planet.

4. Rocket-Inspired House

This house in The Netherlands looks like it is a discarded capsule from a rocket.

5. Retro-Futuristic Design

This modern house looks like a mix of retro and futuristic designs, creating a lovely space that you can be proud of.

6. Contemporary Villa

A house that looks like it’s built in another planet, this contemporary villa can be found in Russia.

7. Zero House

zero house

A pre-fabricated house that can be built anywhere, this structure is designed for you to best enjoy the views.

8. Display House

This house looks like it is a place inside a museum or mall where you can display your stuff. Its futuristic design has an open plan and uses materials that have minimal impact to the environment.

9. Futuristic Design for Sloping Lots

Perfect for sloping lots, this futuristic design won’t be out of place in the neighborhood where Iron Man lives.

10. Renovated Old House

This might be a futuristic home now but this structure in Germany started with humble beginnings as an old house that was renovated with contemporary designs.

11. Contemporary Home

Another home in Germany, this one looks strange for many but the homeowners love the contemporary design.

12. Alien House

You might think is an alien house or even a modern restaurant, but this contemporary home has a great design that lets you show off the grand furnishings inside your house.

13. Yacht-Inspired House

‘Floating’ on sloping support beams, this yacht-inspired home in Greece features a superb design with a huge outdoor pool to complete the look.

14. Bird House

Created with bird wings as inspiration, this lovely home will certainly make your home the talk of the town.

15. Cocoon House

This house won’t be out of place in any of the mystical planets in sci-fi movies. It even comes with an outdoor swimming pool on the second floor.

Image credits: Home Design Lover