8 Photos of 160 sqm Bungalow House Design (Three-Bedroom)

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If you’re looking for a house plan that can fit your land of 160 square meters, then this house design is for you.

This 3-bedroom floor plan bungalow small house design can be accommodated in a lot with a 12-meter front area and a minimum lot area of 160 square meters.

Small bungalow house design

As mentioned in the title, this house design is a three-bedroom floor plan. It has a total floor area of 90 square meters. So, if you have a land with a minimum lot area of 160 sq.m. and frontage of at least 12 meters then, you might be interested in this small bungalow house design.

Dining and kitchen combined

This 3-bedroom small bungalow house has an open-ended living room design with combined dining and kitchen. The porch is elevated in 2 steps, at the entrance.

Bedrooms and bathroom

Bedroom 1 can serve as a Master’s Bedroom as it has its own toilet and bath. Bedroom 2 and 3 have built-in cabinets and are located next to each other.

Multi-purpose Garage

Multi-purpose garage area can not only be used as a garage alone. If you have gatherings for family and needed more space, you can use your garage area to accommodate more visitors.  









Photo by Amazing Architecture