One of the best things of choosing or planning a house is you have all the right to do and plan how you wanted it to look like. You can just imagine the excitement it’ll give you. From planning the exterior, designing the interior etc. And what makes it more exciting is you can make it as unique as you are. It’s your house anyway, so who cares.

Speaking of unique, take a look at this modern house design that might peak your attention.

Striking orange modern house

If you have a land of at least 143 square meters then this house is for you. This modern house design has a concept of 65 square meters floor area. A 2-bedroom single detached type house.

What makes it attractive is its bright color orange harmony with grey and white. What more, you can even build a swimming pool along with it.  

This modern orange-white house has a 1.5 meters allowance on each side. The front and back have a measurement of 3 meters and 2 meters respectively.

Aside from that, you are also given an option to put a small swimming pool at the front. However, you’ll need a bigger lot size to accommodate it. The minimum lot frontage is 9.5 meters width that requires a length of 24 meters if you want to continue with your swimming pool.

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Complete parts

Though small, this house design is consists of the complete parts. The doorstep is elevated in 4 steps or approximately 600mm. You can put a bench on the porch for you to sit while relaxing outside or use in receiving visitors.

As mentioned, this house design has 2 bedrooms, a common bathroom, and an attached toilet and bath.

Source: Pinoy E-Plans