A house that stands out from the neighborhood with its pink and blue colors, you’ll surely have fun living in this beautiful abode with 2 bedrooms. The gable-shaped house looks nice on the outside and is quite comfortable on the inside.

There’s a huge carport to one side that can accommodate two cars. This spot could also double as an outdoor living room to welcome your guests.

Gable-Shaped House with Pink & Blue

A nice porch is set towards the entrance, with built-in benches that have brown tiles matching the ones on the floor.

Inside, the house is painted with lime green. Truly, this house is a colorful home that brings happiness to everyone.

Simple But Beautiful Design

This house has a simple yet beautiful design that appeals to many homeowners. The exterior is a mix of pink and blue, with white trim for the windows and around the sliding glass door. The ceilings are also white, creating a nice contrast with the colorful walls.

The color scheme extends towards the back.

Welcoming Abode

From the entrance to the inside, everyone truly feels welcome in his home. The sliding glass doors have a dark tint for privacy, but you can add floor-length curtains for a more beautiful effect.

The same brown wood-inspired parquet tiles at the porch is used in the interior of the house. The doors are made of wood and painted in dark brown.

Spacious Rooms, Great Kitchen

The 2 bedrooms are spacious and follow the same thing as the living area. Sliding glass windows are also used in the bedrooms, both of which have white frames. But the dark baseboards that match the bedroom doors create a sharp contrast with the white windows and light green walls.

The kitchen features a single-line counter that also has brown tiles. At the end of the kitchen is the bathroom that comes in white and black theme.

The construction budget for this 2-bedroom house is set at around Php1.1 million.