For a budget for Php1.2 million, you can build this 2-bedroom gable-style house for you and your family. A nice house to live in, it features a large porch that is accessed from a short flight of stairs at the portion that has no roof. You do have the option to extend the roof to this area for better coverage.

This home makes use of pastel colors, inside and out. The outside walls are painted in light green while the interiors have blue and pink walls.

A beautiful place to live in, this home also has sliding glass doors and windows that upgrade the overall look.

Stylish Interiors

The double sliding glass doors are big, nearly spanning half the width of the living area. A huge DIY clock is set on the wall that’s visible from the entrance while a dog statue ‘guards’ the spot.

Pastel blue is used in the living room while dark brown baseboards emphasize the space. The recessed ceilings actually have an interesting design, painted mostly white but with fuchsia pink accents.

“His and Hers” Bedrooms

The two bedrooms of this modern home are about the same size. You can pick either one as master’s bedroom. Or the bedrooms could be considered as “his and hers” bedrooms, particularly for those who share the same house but are not really couples.

One bedroom is painted in pastel blue while the other is in pink. You can opt to simply pick a neutral color for the bedrooms, instead.

Charming Kitchen, Nice Bathroom

The kitchen continues the blue theme from the living room. But the multi-colored tiles on the kitchen counters and cabinets look absolutely lovely. The L-shaped counters have windows on both sides, both with white frames.

Pink and white tiles are used on the bathroom walls while multi-colored though less eye-catching tiles are on the floor.

This modern 2-bedroom house was built for a budget of Php1.2 million.