Thanks to its sky blue exterior walls, this 2-bedroom house looks so pretty even from afar. It features a floor area of 70sqm, a lovely porch, and a stylish flat roof design.

Just like many modern homes, this beautiful house features a nice porch at the front that has ample space for some chairs and a table so you can enjoy your snacks outdoors or savor a cup of coffee while admiring the view.

Interiors are in white, with marble floors that would be perfect for any kind of furnishings you place inside. While an oversized sofa would be fantastic, this place will work best with space-saving furniture. A sofa bed is a great investment so you can convert the living room to an extra bedroom at night.

Dream House Design

Clearly, this charming blue house is a great dream house inspiration. The blue exteriors look pleasing to the eyes while the blue sandstone accents create added beauty to the porch. Extending to both sides of the main entrance, the porch is a great place to hang out. One side of the porch features a built-in bench.

The lovely blue and white color scheme extends towards the back, with the back door matching the wood door at the main entrance.

Lovely Interiors, Compact Floor Plan

With white walls and marble tiles on the floor, the lovely interiors provide a nice space for you and your family to enjoy your day. The living room is located at the right side of the house while the 2 bedrooms are set right by each other at the opposite side.

This modern house offers 70sqm of floor space. The kitchen and dining room could share the space near the living room area. Set towards the back, the bathroom features white walls and a PVC door with cute artwork.

This 2-bedroom house costs around Php1.5 million to build.